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Step 7 - Actionable new ticket notification

Learn how to build workflows that let users to take actions on Slack notifications.

Workflow that notifies of new tickets with assign option

In the final step, you will learn how to create a workflow that triggers whenever a new ticket is generated on Zendesk. This workflow will send notifications to users through Slack. To enhance the functionality, actionable workflow buttons will be added into the Slack message, allowing users to initiate additional workflows without the need to switch tools.


How it works

  • When a new Zendesk ticket is created, sends a notification to the selected Slack channel with Assign button to assign the ticket to an agent.


  • Zendesk connection
  • Slack connection
  • A manual workflow (Assign ticket)


  • Ticket created from Zendesk integration


  • Get ticket from Zendesk integration

  • Send message to channel from Slack integration

How to configure this workflow

Continued from Step 5 - Detailed new ticket notification.

1. Add a new button block

  1. Navigate to Message blocks of send message to channel Slack action.

  2. Add a new Button block.

  3. Provide a label for your button (Assign) and select its style (Default, Primary or Danger).

  4. Select Assign ticket workflow.

  5. Click on gear ⚙ button on the right of the Ticket ID field and then select Dynamic option.

  6. Enter {{}} in this field to pass the ID of the ticket from event payload.

2. Save your workflow and test it

  1. Click Apply at top right corner to save your workflow.

  2. To test it, create a new ticket in Zendesk and check your Slack channel for the notification.

  3. Click Assign button and select a user as the assignee.

  4. Check the ticket in Zendesk.