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Scheduled jobs

Learn about scheduled jobs in Actioner and how to configure them.

Jobs in Actioner enable you to automate your tasks and manage work that occurs one-time or occurs repetitively. Every job in Actioner triggers a task that to be run once at the selected date and time or to be run on a recurring basis.

One-time tasks are refered as Scheduled jobs. They are the actions or workflows that are run only once at the date and time you specified. You can use them to remind important deadlines to your team.

Setting a job on a schedule eliminates the need to remember to run an action or a workflow at a specific date. You can use them as reminders about deadlines in advance, such as a yearly reminder to run annual reports a few weeks before the end of the fiscal year or a quarterly reminder to write your reviews. You can also add scheduled jobs to remind to log your records 2 hours after finishing your client meetings.

Example use-cases

  • Notify your support agents to update tickets assigned to them 45 minutes before breaching SLA.
  • Remind the reviewer of a stale pull request to either merge or close the PR that is waiting for an action over a week.
  • Alert your account executives to log their notes into your CRM 2 hours after completing their demo meets.
  • Notify your marketing team to start an email campaign for a new feature at a future date and time you select.
  • Start a sequence of introductory messages to your prospects right after they interact with your application, such as a welcome message delivered 10 minutes after they subscribe, another one asking to schedule a demo the next day, and another message to share useful resources after one week they signup or visit a specific page in your application.

Job requests

You can use job requests to create, update or delete your scheduled tasks.

  • Save a scheduled job request allows you to create a new scheduled job in your app, or update the existing ones with the matching ID.
  • Delete a scheduled job request allows you to delete a scheduled job with the matching ID.

Creating a scheduled job

  1. On Jobs tab of your app, click + Add job.

  2. Select Add scheduled job option.

    Creating a job

  3. Fill out Scheduled time fields. Select the date, the time and the timezone that your job will run. By default, your browser's timezone is selected.


    Your job will be run on the selected date and time according to the selected timezone. By default, your browser's timezone is selected.

    Scheduled time

  4. Optionally give a name to your job.

  5. Select what your job will do on Task field. You can select between actions and workflows added to your app.

    • If you select a workflow, you are required to enter a payload to continue. You can provide the payload that will trigger the workflow you selected.
    • If you select an action, the input parameters of your action open up. Enter values for the inputs to proceed.
  6. Once all is set, click Add to create your job.