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App permissions

Learn about app permissions in Actioner.

If you're working with a team, Actioner allows for collaboration to build apps together. You can invite others to view or edit your app, making it easy to work together to design your app.

On Permissions tab of your app, you can define additional rules on who can access your app.

To add a new user or a new group as an Admin or a Runner to your app, go to Permissions tab of your app and then click + Add permission on the opening screen.

Permissions tab

There are two options to manage permissions for your app.

  • Admin: Admins can update the properties, workflows, configs, documents, tables, or the jobs of your app.
  • Runner: Runners have the right to run the workflows of that app unless they are restricted according to a specific workflow's permissions. They can not update the workflows or other properties.

You can select Everyone as an Admin or a Runner.

  • If you select Everyone as an Admin, every user in your Actioner workspace can access your app and update it.
  • If you select Everyone as a Runner, every user in your Actioner workspace can run the workflows in your app.