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Managed apps

Learn about managed apps in Actioner.


Managed apps are the apps installed from Actioner app directory and that are published by Actioner team.

When your app is a managed app, you can continue to keep your app up-to-date whenever its new version becomes available in Actioner app directory.

You can check if your app is a managed one, on Home tab. Here, you can also see the version of your app.

Managed app

Updating to a newer version

If a newer version is published, you can use Update available button to get the latest updates. These updates are automatically applied to your workflows. Your data stored in your config or tables do not get affected with version updates. Similarly, the run history of your workflows are not impacted.

Update available

Unlocking your apps

Workflows in managed apps can not be updated. To be able to modify your workflows, you can Unlock your app on Home tab. Click ellipsis at top right corner and select Unlock app option.

By unlocking your app, you will no longer receive updates for its new versions.

Unlock your app

Without unlocking your app
  • You can enable or disable your Workflows.
  • You can update Configs, Documents and Table records.
  • You can update the connection selection in your actions inside your workflows.
  • You can create new Tables and Workflows.
  • You can add new Jobs or update and delete existing ones.
  • You can clone an existing workflow and update the cloned version.
  • You can add new users on Permissions tab.

Cloning a managed app

If you clone a managed app, the cloned version does not become managed.