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App directory

Explore apps built by Actioner Community.

Apps in Actioner

An app is a collection of actions and workflows that are bundled together. Apps work as containers to hold actions and workflows, enabling all of its actions to be run with continuity.

Apps can consist of tool-specific actions and workflows or they can be setup with actions and workflows that run in multiple tools.

App directory

There are plenty of tools, tasks, and operations that are common across your organization and other companies. App directory helps you discover and use what Actioner Community has built as ready-made actions and workflows. You can use them as is or customize them through the action designer to fit your exact needs.

App directory

Discover apps that work best with your tools

Actioner’s app directory contains apps connected with the most popular tools and solutions for sales, support, incident management use-cases.

You can install an app in seconds, add up multiple actions and workflows to your stack and start running actions immediately.


Together with our community, we keep working on introducing new apps every day. Give us a shout and join our community if you are looking for an app connecting with your tools.

Don't forget to visit our blog and get the latest updates about new apps.

Installing an app

While browsing for the app that best fits your needs, explore its actions and workflows on details page. When you select the app you want to add to your Actioner workspace, click Install at top right corner.

Once the app is installed, it is automatically added to your apps list.

Slack-first sales automation with HubSpot

Connecting your tools

After installing an app, you are prompted to complete connections that app requires to work. Finish all connections by clicking Connect.

Connecting your tools

Run setup actions

Run listed actions on the opening screen. Each setup action is designed for a seamless first-experience to bring the best out of that app.

Complete setup actions

Complete setup

Your app is ready! Continue in Slack to start running actions.

All users in your Actioner workspace can run actions of this app. To update the list of users and their roles, go to app Permissions section on App settings tab.

Continue in Slack