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Free apps

Learn about free apps in Actioner.


Free apps on Actioner provide valuable functionalities at no cost. While these apps are managed by the Actioner team, there are certain restrictions in place to differentiate them from other managed apps.

To identify if an app is free, navigate to the Home tab of your app. Here, you can also find essential information about your app, including its version.

Free app

Credits and free apps

You can enjoy the benefits of free apps without worrying about usage. Free apps don't consume any credits and are completely free in all plans.

Limitations in free apps

Free apps come with specific limitations to maintain a balance between offering valuable features and keeping them free of charge.

  • Configs: Adding, updating or removing configs is restricted.
  • Workflow operations: Adding, deleting, cloning, enabling or disabling workflows is restricted.
  • Events: Adding, updating or removing events (private or shared) is restricted.
  • Tables: Adding, updating or removing tables is restricted. Editing table records is also restricted.
  • Jobs: Adding, editing or removing jobs is restricted.
  • Permissions: You can add, update or remove permissions of your users or user groups.
  • Workflow permissions: You can add, update or remove permissions of your workflows.

Cloning a free app

It's important to note that if you clone a free app, the cloned version does not retain its free status and will not be subject to the same limitations.