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Connect to Slack

Learn how to connect your Slack workspace.

If you signed up to Actioner via Slack, your Actioner workspace is already connected to your Slack workspace.

To see your connected Slack workspace, navigate to Workspace settings page on the left menu and then go to Slack workspace tab.

Connecting your Slack workspace

To connect your Slack workspace,

Step 1. Navigate to Workspace settings page from left menu and then go to Slack workspace tab.

Workspace admin

Slack connection can be added by Actioner workspace admins. If you do not see Workspace settings page, contact with your workspace admin.

Step 2. If you have not connected any Slack workspace, click Add new Slack workspace button.

Add new Slack workspace

Step 3. Click Allow to allow Actioner to be added to your Slack workspace. You can switch to another Slack workspace from top right corner on this screen.

Allow Actioner

Step 4. When Slack connection is successful, your Slack workspace will be listed on Slack workspace page.

Connected Slack workspace

Step 5. You'll be getting a direct message from Actioner in Slack.


When multiple Actioner workspaces are connected to the same Slack workspace, you might be prompted to select your Actioner workspace after calling /actioner command in Slack.

If you want to skip selecting a workspace, go to Actioner app's Home tab in Slack and click Set default workspace on Settings section.

When a default workspace is set, only workflows from your default workspace will be available to be run in Slack.

If you prefer to be prompted to choose your Actioner workspace before manually executing your workflows in Slack, select Always ask me option instead.

Set a default workspace in Slack

User mapping for Slack

If you signed up to Actioner via Slack or if you connected a Slack workspace with the same email you are registered to Actioner, mapping is automatically completed. You do not need any additional settings.

If you are registered to Actioner and Slack with different emails, you need to map your Actioner user with your Slack user.

Step 1. In Slack, go to Apps from the left menu and find Actioner.

Step 2. On Home tab of Actioner app, click Map my user.

User mapping in Slack

Step 3. Select your Actioner workspace and enter the email you registered to Actioner.

Running workflows in Slack

Running a workflow through Actioner shortcut

In Slack, type /actioner and then find the workflow you want to run - either by typing its name or selecting it from dropdown. Continue with entering parameters on the opening screen.

Running workflows in Slack

Running a workflow through a button in a notification

Actioner sends notifications to your Slack channels and sends notifications as direct messages. Slack notifications contain buttons that allow you to take decisive actions. By clicking a button on a Slack notification sent by Actioner, you can trigger a workflow manually right in Slack. If your workflow takes inputs, your workflow will open up in a form view. You can enter your values and submit the form to initiate your workflow.

Contacting with Actioner team

If you've any questions or feedback, you can send an email to or give us a shout in Actioner Contact page.

You can also join Actioner community on Slack to contact with Actioner team and Actioner users!