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Learn how to get started with standup.

Install standup from app directory and start using it by connecting your Slack.


Visit this link to learn about standup use cases.

  • 🎨 Personalized standups: Customize your standup meetings for your team. Select the frequency and participants that best suit your squad for a tailored experience.
  • 🚀 Kick off standups in Slack: Initiate your meetings seamlessly within Slack, eliminate the need to switch between apps. Centralize everything for a more streamlined workflow.
  • 👥 Enhance team collaboration: Cultivate teamwork by creating a dedicated space for sharing updates. Keep everyone informed and improve communication without the complexity of managing multiple platforms.

How to get started

Step 1. Install standup

Visit standup in app directory and click Install button at top right corner.

Install standup

Step 2. Connect to Slack

After installing the app, you'll be prompted to connect your Slack workspace.

Connections for standup

Complete Slack connection

If you have not connected your Slack workspace, you can click Connect near Slack connection.

Slack connection

You can also add your Slack workspace by navigating to Workspace settings page from left menu and then switching to Slack workspace tab.

If you do not see Workspace settings page, contact with your workspace admin.

Step 3. Invite your team

By default Everyone in your Actioner workspace is added to your app as Runner.

To grant app admin permission to a user, go to the Permissions tab of your app and add users or groups via + Add permission button. If you can't find the users you want to add, ensure they have been invited to your Actioner workspace.

Permissions for standup

How standup works

Creating a standup meeting

  1. In Slack, call Actioner app by typing /actioner and then select Create Standup meeting workflow.

  2. On the opening form, provide below details and click Create.

    • Name: Enter a name for your meeting
    • Team channel: Select your team's channel to post updates
    • Frequency: Choose how often the meeting will occur (if manually selected, it will run instantly)
    • Days: Select on which days the meeting will occur
    • Time: Select the time of the meeting
    • Timezone: Select the timezone
    • Wait time: Select the duration of the meeting

Standup - Create a standup meeting

When it is time for your standup, Actioner will send a message to your channel and prompt your team to share their updates during the specified wait time. Once the wait time is over, meeting ends automatically.

How to share your updates

Answering questions

On the message sent by Actioner in your team channel, navigate to 💬 Answer button and submit your standup update. Provide your answers to below questions:

  • What did you do yesterday?
  • What is your plan for today?
  • Any blockers?

Standup - Answer questions

When you submit your answers, you'll see your update in the thread.

Standup - Response posted to thread

Viewing and updating answers

View/update answers button enables you to see and edit your previous response. On the opening screen, use ✏️ Update button to make any necessary changes to your answers.

Standup - View and update answers