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AI assistant by Actioner

Learn how to get started with aI assistant by Actioner.

Install AI assistant by Actioner from app directory and start using it by connecting your Slack workspace.


Default features available with ChatGPT integration:

  • 📝 Text generation: Generate text based on your input for writing, articles, etc.

    • Example: @AI Assistant by Actioner Please create a paragraph on the topic: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Society.
  • 🌐 Language translation: Translate text accurately.

    • Example: @AI Assistant by Actioner Please convert this sentence to Turkish: What time is it?
  • Question answering: Get answers based on provided information.

    • Example: @AI Assistant by Actioner What is the meaning of life?
  • 📝 Grammar and spell check: Correct errors in your messages.

    • Example: @AI Assistant by Actioner Can you fix the grammar in this sentence: "He do some food."
  • 💻 Programming assistance: Get help with coding tasks.

    • Example: @AI Assistant by Actioner Can you write me a JS function that removes the first character of a string?

In addition to what ChatGPT provides, as example Actioner workflows, we added the following to the AI assistant that comes with the installation:

  • 🌤️ Get weather conditions: This workflow takes a location input and provides current weather details.
  • 🎥 Get related GIF from Giphy: Upon receiving a keyword, the workflow presents a button in Slack that initiates a search for related GIFs when clicked.

You can equip your AI assistant with additional Actioner workflows and this way, customize it to run the actions you like.

How to get started

Step 1. Add AI assistant by Actioner app to your Slack

Visit AI assistant by Actioner in app directory and click Install or Add to Slack button at top right corner.

Install AI assistant by Actioner

Step 2. Allow AI assistant by Actioner app in your Slack workspace

Click Allow to allow AI assistant to be added to your Slack workspace. You can switch to another Slack workspace from top right corner on this screen.

Allow AI assistant by Actioner

Step 3. Invite your team

By default Everyone in your Actioner workspace is added to your app as Runner.

To grant app admin permission to a user, go to the Permissions tab of your app and add users or groups via + Add permission button. If you can't find the users you want to add, ensure they have been invited to your Actioner workspace.

Permissions for AI assistant by Actioner

How AI assistant works


Please note that AI Assistant utilizes OpenAI to generate responses. While aiming for accuracy, there may be errors or offensive content. We apologize for any inconvenience and value your feedback should you have concerns.

How to start a conversation with AI assist

There are two ways to start a conversation with AI assistant.

  1. While sending a message to a channel in Slack, mention AI assistant by typing "@AI Assistant by Actioner" and begin a conversation. Each message sent to the channel triggers an independent conversation.

  2. Navigate to AI assistant app in Slack and switch to Messages tab. Send a message to AI assistant to initiate a conversation. This method offers a more private manner of interaction, ideal for confidential discussions and one-on-one engagements.