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Frequently asked questions

What is an app?

An Actioner app is a collection of actions and workflows that are bundled together. Apps work as containers to hold actions and workflows, allowing them to be run with continuity.

What is a workspace?

An Actioner Workspace is a collaboration space that allows multiple users to build, share, test and run apps. It comes with access to all connectors, apps and unlimited users within standard roles.

What is a user?

A user is someone with an Actioner account who can run (Actioner) actions in Slack.

I need to connect to a tool that you haven’t listed. What can I do?

We develop integrations with additional products continuously. If you have a need for a specific product integration, please contact us and we’ll prioritize that integration.

Can we start on the Free plan and upgrade to a paid plan later?

Yes! Go ahead and start building. We’ll be ready to seamlessly transition to a paid plan once you’re ready to grow. Please also note Actioner will continue to be free during our beta program.

How secure is Actioner?

All data Actioner processes are encrypted in transit and at rest - without any exception. Actioner is a cloud-native product whose infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Actioner cloud services and data are hosted on AWS, and backed by multiple availability zones in multiple regions to ensure 24/7 service availability.

For further info, visit our Security page.

I still have questions!

Reach out to or book a meeting with us – we’d love to talk about how Actioner can work for you and your use cases.