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For individuals and small teams getting started

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10,000 credits per month
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Sign-on via Slack and Google accounts
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For teams ready to grow beyond the free limits

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For teams with high volume, compliance and support needs

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Flexible credit limits
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Everything in Standard plan, plus
Dedicated account owner
Personalized 1:1 onboarding
Slack Enterprise Grid provisioning
Single Sign On (SSO)
Custom SLA
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App development services
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Actioner participates in this industry-standard security audit on an annual basis.

GDPR and EU Compliance

Actioner ensures that customers who want to access personal data can do so in accordance with the GDPR and applicable data protection laws.

Single Sign On

Actioner enables authenticating your users via Slack, Google, and SAML providers such as Okta.

Actioner Trust center
See our real-time security and compliance posture in our continuous control monitoring dashboard.

Free apps

These apps are always free, and don't consume any credits from your subscription plan.

Frequently asked questions

What are credits?

A credit is a unit of usage on Actioner, and is defined with the execution of a single node.

What is a node execution?

Node execution refers to the process of running a specific node within an Actioner workflow. A single node execution uses 1 credit(*), whether the result of execution is successful or failed.

(*) Please see the Node execution and credit usage page to learn more.

What is a node?

Workflows in Actioner are composed of nodes. Each step on your workflow canvas represents a node that is executed to run your workflow.

How can I check my usage?

Your monthly usage data is available on your Billing and plans page.

Are there any limits on user count in a workspace?

No, you can add as many users as you want to your workspace. Our pricing is determined solely based on credit usage, with user count not being a factor in our pricing plans.

How many apps can I have in my workspace?

You can have as many apps as you want in your workspace. Our pricing is determined solely based on credit usage, with app count not being a factor in our pricing plans.

What happens when I reach to plan credit limits?

Your workflows will temporarily pause until the credit resets at the start of the next billing period. Learn more about the credit limits.

How can I learn about the details of the Enterprise plan?

You can fill the contact form and learn more about the Enterprise plan.

Can I cancel my paid plan?

Yes, you can cancel your paid plan any time.

How does the 30-day free trial work?

After signup, you get access to all features and solutions for 30 days. Your 30-day trial includes 5,000,000 credits and we don't require a credit card during the trial so that you can try Actioner obligation-free.