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Copilot in Slack

Get started with a ready-to-use Copilot Or craft your own. No coding required!

An app for every need

Actioner provides a comprehensive suite of AI-powered, integrated apps designed specifically to get work done in Slack. Streamline employee experience, optimize go-to-market, automate DevOps flows and more with Actioner apps.

Incident management

Connect all your incident management tools in Slack.

Pull request management

Review your pull or merge requests through ephemeral Slack channels, notify your team about commits to the main branch.

Conversational ticketing

Triage requests, automate support workflows and reduce resolution times.

Customer 360

Gather information about your customers faster at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Lead routing

Distribute leads among your sales reps the way you want, transparently from Slack.

Deal room

Create dedicated Slack channels that sync seamlessly with your CRM and other sales tools.

Time-off management

Request time-offs, see your balance, manage approvals all from Slack.


Ensure that special days are never forgotten with Actioner's fun and interactive celebration workflows in Slack.

Issue management

Transform your project management approach, and elevate your experience with tools like Jira.

On-call management

Manage on-call duties, including handoffs, flexibly from Slack.

Unleash the power of Actioner platform!

Everything you need to build your own Slack apps,
no coding required.

No code app builder

Slack is where you spend most of your time, and the real value comes when you can get your work done without having to leave Slack.

Actioner provides a powerful, batteries-included platform to build Slack apps:

No code workflow designer for fully automated processes and human-in-the-loop automations

No-code workflow builder

Simple, powerful, flexible built-in database and job scheduler

Database and reminder scheduler

Out of the box integrations and an integration builder to integrate with 3rd party products and in-house applications

Seamlessly integrated AI at every level of interaction, for both building and using apps

Build workflows for Slack using AI

Empowering teams with Actioner

See how our solutions transform workflows in Slack


Actioner participates in this industry-standard security audit on an annual basis.

GDPR and EU Compliance

Actioner ensures that customers who want to access personal data can do so in accordance with the GDPR and applicable data protection laws.

Single Sign On

Actioner enables authenticating your users via Slack, Google, and SAML providers such as Okta.

Actioner Trust center
See our real-time security and compliance posture in our continuous control monitoring dashboard.

Your gateway to seamless automation

Actioner turns the complex into simple, allowing you to connect apps and automate workflows on a grand scale, faster and easier than ever.

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