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Slack Connect : The Ultimate Guide

Explore Slack Connect for seamless multi-organization collaboration. Learn about its features, costs, security, and alternatives, plus tips on managing channels and apps effectively.

Artificial Intelligence

The Impact of AI on Customer Experience in 2024: A Forrester Report Summary

Discover Forrester's 2024 insights on AI in customer service. Generative AI will boost CX metrics, transform skeptic views, and face regulatory challenges.


Maximize Customer Satisfaction with Conversational Ticketing and Zendesk Integration in Slack

Streamline CSAT surveys with Actioner’s Zendesk integration in Slack, improving response rates and gaining real-time insights to boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Announcing our Google Chat integration and Approval Management app

Introducing Google Chat integration and our first app utilizing it: Approval Management for Google Chat. Speed up approval request management with Actioner!


What's new at Actioner: June 2024 update

Discover new tools and features in Actioner's latest update to boost collaboration and productivity. Explore free Slack apps, new integrations, and workflow enhancements.


Best Zendesk alternatives for 2024

Explore the best Zendesk alternatives for 2024, including Freshdesk, Intercom, and Gorgias. Discover their features, pricing, and benefits to find the ideal customer service platform for your business.


3 quickest ways to update contacts in HubSpot from Slack

Update HubSpot contacts from Slack with Actioner: use slash commands, quick action buttons, or automate workflows for efficient contact management.


How to add Zendesk to a private Slack channel

Streamline support operations by integrating Zendesk with private Slack channels using Actioner. Enhance efficiency and security in managing tickets and requests seamlessly.


Top 10 CI CD Tools for 2024: Pros and Cons

Explore top CI/CD tools for 2024! This blog provides insights on GitHub Actions, GitLab CI/CD, and more, helping DevOps pros optimize software development.

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