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Top 4 Slack birthday bots: Enhance team celebrations in 2024

Discover the top 4 Slack birthday bots of 2024. Uncover how celebrations can aid boosting team culture. Learn about their unique features and what users think about!


GitHub integration: Exploring connection methods with Actioner

Learn to securely connect GitHub via Actioner using OAuth2, classic, or fine-grained personal access tokens. Boost security, control, and flexibility in GitHub workflows.


Introducing Slack Bridge by Actioner: A new era of workspace collaboration

Sync Slack workspaces effortlessly with the Slack Bridge app by Actioner, keeping you informed about new users, created channels, sent messages and more for seamless collaboration.


From Halp to Assist: Navigating Atlassian's Big Shift

Learn about Atlassian's shift from Halp to Assist, ending Zendesk and Jira Software support by June 2024, and how it impacts users & Explore alternatives.


Introducing our Microsoft Teams integration and Email routing app

Introducing Microsoft Teams integration and our first app built with it: Email for MS Teams. Simplify app creation and enhance collaboration with Actioner!


Enhance your team's communication with emoji-driven translation in Slack

Unlock seamless multilingual communication with Message Translator for Slack! Easily translate messages using flag emojis and enhance team collaboration - all for free.


Work smarter, not harder: Boost Productivity with Pomodoro in Slack

Boost productivity with our Pomodoro Slack app! Manage tasks effectively using focused work sessions and strategic breaks. Get more done with less stress.


Access and manage financial data in Stripe from Slack

Streamline your Stripe management in Slack! Get real-time notifications, search and update customer data, and boost team collaboration.


What's new at Actioner: Apps, features, and integrations update

Discover new tools and features in Actioner's latest update to boost collaboration and productivity. Explore free Slack apps, new integrations, and workflow enhancements.

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