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Elevate team fun with Actioner’s Slack Trivia app! Set your game details and enjoy unique AI-generated questions every time.

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The Trivia app is designed to inject fun and knowledge-sharing directly into your Slack team's conversations. Users can effortlessly spark excitement by creating personalized trivia games on the fly. Simply specify the details of your game and voilà—AI takes the reins, generating engaging and diverse questions to challenge your teammates. ## Features - 🧩 **Customizable Trivia Games:** Tailor your trivia experience by selecting specific categories, difficulty, and the number of questions, putting you in control of the game's theme and intensity. - 📝 **Dynamic Question Generation:** Enjoy an endless array of fresh and diverse questions generated by AI, ensuring each game feels unique and captivating. - 🏆 **Live Scoreboards:** Track individual and collective scores in real-time, fueling friendly competition and fostering a sense of camaraderie among participants. ## How it works Once integrated into your Slack workspace, our Trivia app revolutionizes team engagement through interactive and entertaining trivia games. To kickstart the fun, simply run the Create Instant Trivia workflow within your Slack channel. This empowers the creator to customize the trivia experience by specifying the trivia's name, the desired category, the number of questions, the difficulty level, and even handpick the Slack channel for inviting participants to join the exhilarating trivia game. Once the trivia game is set up and participants join the dedicated channel, the creator kicks off the excitement with a simple click, revealing the first question. Participants swiftly submit their answers within the Slack channel. Another click from the creator showcases the correct answer alongside participants' responses, fueling engagement and competition. Seamlessly, the game moves through successive questions until all have been answered. As the game concludes, the creator unveils everyone's total correct answers, celebrating the collective knowledge and highlighting top performers within the channel. This engaging and interactive experience seamlessly integrates into your team's communication hub, fostering a sense of unity through the enjoyable dynamics of trivia.


Move to next question

This workflow enables you to move to the next trivia question.

Create trivia game

This workflow enables you to create a new Trivia game with your preferences.

Answer trivia question

This workflow enables people to answer trivia questions.

End trivia game

This workflow enables you to end a trivia game.

Start the trivia game

This workflow enables you to start trivia games.

Send questions to trivia channel

This workflow enables you to send questions to the trivia channel.

Reveal answers

This workflow enables you to reveal answers of a trivia question.



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