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Actioner basics

Discover Actioner and the actions you can run with Actioner.

What is Actioner?

Actioner is the easiest way to integrate your toolset through apps that connect the most popular tools and work more efficiently in Slack.

You can start with ready-made apps in app directory or build your own Slack apps, without code.

Actioner brings the best out of your tools into Slack as simple, consistent, and easy-to-use actions.

» Actioner is free to get started!


Actions are the atomic units of work you do in your everyday applications. An action takes inputs, gets something done, and produces an output.

Discover Actioner and the actions you can run with Actioner

  • Enrich leads, create new contacts, or deals quickly and sync data between your CRM and Slack.
  • Create dedicated deal rooms in Slack and stay informed, aligned, and engaged with key accounts.
  • Resolve customer tickets quickly and route queries to the right teams in Slack.
  • Streamline incident management and manage comms in dedicated Slack channels.
  • Create PRs, issues and get notified of new tasks or bug reports in Slack.
  • Onboard new hires, track time-off, vacation and expense requests.
  • Create, update, assign, and complete tasks from one place.
  • Create and update campaigns on the fly.