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Workspace settings

Configure your workspace settings, invite users and connect to Slack

Actioner workspaces

Actioner workspace is a collaboration environment for running and designing actions. Users in the same workspace can share actions with each other and build apps together.

When you join a workspace, a user profile is created with your email address. You can use the same email address to join as many workspaces as you’d like. You have separate Actioner accounts for each workspace you join or create.

To switch to another workspace, click on your workspace name on the left menu and select the workspace you want to switch to.

Workspace admins

Workspace admins are the users with the below rights:

  • updating workspace name and URL
  • assigning workspace admin rights to users
  • connecting Actioner workspace with a Slack workspace

Workspace admins can only see the apps that they are added as a user to. Accordingly, they can update an app if they are the admin of that app.

Your workspaces

Go to your workspace at the bottom of the left menu to see your workspace settings, view your users or connect to your Slack workspace. If you want to continue in another workspace, click on the workspace you want to switch to.

Actioner workspaces

Workspace settings


Workspace settings page is only visible to workspace admins.

On this page, you can update your workspace name, URL and icon. Once a workspace URL is updated, all users in that workspace are logged out automatically. In that case, you can login again from this page.

Workspace settings

Slack connections


Slack connections page is only visible to workspace admins.

On Slack connections page, you can connect Actioner and Slack workspaces. With a Slack connection, your users can call and interact with Actioner app on Slack.

Visit connecting to Slack page to learn how you can connect a Slack workspace.


On this page, you can see the list of users in your Actioner workspace. If you are a workspace admin, you can update the role of a user.


All users can invite new users to the Actioner workspace.

Users of a workspace

Invite a user

Invite from Actioner

Go to your workspace from left menu and navigate to Users page. Click + Invite user and enter the email address of the new user.

Invite users from Actioner

Resend invitation

Go to your workspace from left menu and navigate to Users page.

In Users list, you can see the pending invitations. Click Resend invitation to re-invite your users.

Invite from Slack

In Slack, go to Apps from the left menu and find Actioner. On Home tab of Actioner app, click + Invite Slack users and select the users you want to invite.

Invite Slack users

Add a user to your app

Navigate to your app in My apps page and go to App settings tab.

Click + Add user on Permissions section.

Add a user to your app

Deleting users


Only workspace admins can delete users from Actioner workspace.

To delete a user from your Actioner workspace, click the bin icon.