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Learn how to use documents in your AI-powered workflows.

In Actioner, we've introduced a powerful feature called Documents that enhances your AI-related workflows. This feature allows you to leverage the knowledge contained within plain text documents, enabling the AI agent to provide insightful responses to queries and requests.

What are documents?

Documents serve various purposes, including communication, record-keeping, information sharing, and documentation of processes or procedures. A document is a written or printed piece of information that conveys knowledge, ideas, instructions, or any other type of content in a structured and organized format. They are plain texts that you can seamlessly integrate into your workflows and they serve as a valuable source of information for the AI agent, enhancing its capabilities to generate context-aware responses.

  • Documents you add to your app work like a knowledge base, a centralized repository or database of information, data, or knowledge.
  • Within your documents, you can store and organize a wide range of information, typically related to a specific topic, subject area, or domain.
  • You can use them to provide a source of reference and information retrieval for users, whether they are customers, employees, or the general public.
  • You can use knowledge bases that you frequently use in your customer support, technical documentation, self-service portals, and educational platforms.
  • Your documents can contain various types of content, including articles, FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), guides, manuals, troubleshooting instructions, and more.

How to use documents in Q&A nodes

Q&A nodes overview

The Q&A node is a crucial component in your workflows, specifically designed for handling AI-driven interactions. It accepts two key inputs:

  • Comment: A text area where you can input a question or query that needs a response.

  • Documents: A list of documents that the AI agent can reference when generating a response. You can select these documents from the ones available within the same app where your workflow is added to. Documents can be added individually or by using tags. For example, if you have five documents tagged as "policy" in your app, selecting documents with the "policy" tag will include all of them in the reference pool.

Why use documents in Q&A Nodes?

The inclusion of documents in your Q&A nodes provides several advantages:

  • Flexibility: You have the flexibility to organize and maintain your knowledge base within Actioner. This means you can keep your documents up to date and relevant.

  • Precision: Documents ensure that the AI agent's responses are derived from pertinent and accurate sources, enhancing the quality of responses.

  • Automation: With Q&A nodes and documents, you can automate responses to inquiries, saving time and ensuring consistency in your interactions through your workflows.

Get started with documents

Ready to put Documents in Actioner to work for you? Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Generate your documents: Go to Documents tab of your app and start with adding a new document. You can give tags to the documents to group them.

  2. Add a Q&A Node: Within your workflow, add a Q&A node where you want to leverage documents for generating answers.

  3. Provide comment: In the Q&A node, provide the query or question that the AI agent will respond to. You can dynamically generate this from data in your workflow, such as from the inputs, events, or responses to earlier nodes.

  4. Select documents: Add documents either one by one or by tags. Ensure that the selected documents contain relevant information related to the comment.

  5. Harness the power of AI: Let Actioner's AI agent do the rest. It will use the provided documents to craft insightful and accurate answers to the given comment.

Enhance your AI workflows

With Documents, you can take your AI-powered workflows to the next level. By seamlessly integrating documents and leveraging the Q&A node, you can provide users with intelligent, data-backed responses, all while automating and streamlining your processes.

Ready to explore the potential of documents in Actioner? Dive into your workflows and start enhancing your AI interactions today.