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Response nodes

Learn how to create JSON responses in your workflow for "Successful" and "Failed" statuses.


Response nodes in Actioner allow you to generate JSON responses within your workflow. These responses can be configured for both "Successful" and "Failed" statuses, providing flexibility in handling workflow results. You can dynamically generate JSON responses using data from your workflow, making it a powerful tool for customizing your workflow results and for calling your workflow from other workflows.

How to configure a response node

To add a new response node into your workflow:

  1. Click + button in your canvas and select Response option.

  2. On the opening right panel, select Successful or Failed status. Successful response returns when your workflow runs successfully. Similarly, Failed response returns when your workflow fails.

  3. On Response field, construct your response in JSON format.

  4. You can also add a sample response in JSON format.

Dynamically generating a JSON response

To set the JSON dynamically using data in your workflow, such as data from your inputs, event or from the responses of earlier nodes, use double curlies -- {{ }} to reference to them. You can also use one-liner JavaScript methods inside curlies.