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Running workflows

Learn how to trigger your workflows through Actioner.

Running workflows in Slack

Do all the work in a consistent and unified form without leaving Slack!

Approve requests, add tasks, create collaboration channels, or get your customer list in Slack. Share insightful outputs with your colleagues in your preferred Slack channel.

Actioner helps streamlining your work by bringing workflows from disparate apps into one place. Reduce the time of switching back and forth between your apps or looking for your tool’s bot to run a simple job. You can quickly trigger any workflow in Slack through Actioner.

  • Running a workflow through Actioner shortcut

    In Slack, type /actioner and then find the workflow you want to run - either by typing its name or selecting it from dropdown. Continue with entering parameters on the opening screen.

  • Running a workflow through a button in a notification

    Actioner sends notifications to your Slack channels and sends notifications as direct messages. Slack notifications contain buttons that allow you to take decisive actions. By clicking a button on a Slack notification sent by Actioner, you can trigger a workflow manually right in Slack. If your workflow takes inputs, your workflow will open up in a form view. You can enter your values and submit the form to initiate your workflow.

After running a workflow manually in Slack, you can switch between different output views and share them with your team in your preferred channel.

What is next?

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You can install an app in seconds and start running workflows immediately.

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