On-call management with PagerDuty

Manage on-call schedules with the PagerDuty Slack integration. Hand off, take on-calls, and collaborate all within Slack.

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Manage and track PagerDuty on calls in Slack with Actioner. Start using the app in Slack immediately after you install it. Actioner provides a seamless Slack PagerDuty integration. Take control of your on-call management, handoff and track Pagerduty oncalls directly within Slack, putting the power to manage your on-call schedules at your fingertips. ## Features - **On-call handoff:** Hand off your on-calls from Slack or take the on-call for a selected schedule. - **Track and manage on-calls:** Check PagerDuty on-call list via Slack and who's on call at any given time or list your own on-calls. ## How it works This Slack Pagerduty oncall bot brings all the essential functions to one platform, reducing the need to switch between apps and making your workflow smoother. It's essential for those who want to seamlessly manage their on-call schedules. It answers the need of "who's on call" with efficiency, ensuring that on-call duties are handled with utmost precision. All you need to do is using the `/actioner` command to run **On-call handoff** workflow. With a single click, you can take the on-call for a selected schedule, and your colleagues will be informed instantly. You can also check the list of on-calls or see the specific on-call information for yourself, making it simpler to know who's on call at any given time.


Reject on-call handoff request

Run this workflow to reject the on-call handoff request. The rejection message will be automatically sent to the on-call handoff message thread. Also, the user who suggested you will be informed with a DM.

Suggest someone for on-call handoff

This workflow allows you to suggest someone for the on-call handoff. Suggested user receives a DM via Slack.

Take on-call

Allows you to take on-call for a selected schedule.

Add override

Adds override for a user to a selected schedule between the specified start and end date.

List on-calls

Returns the list of on-calls.

See my on-calls

Returns the on-call information for the user who run the workflow.

Find Slack user by PD user

This sub-workflow finds the Slack user mapping of a given Pagerduty user.

On-call handoff

Run this workflow to post an on-call handoff request to a selected Slack channel. Your colleagues can take the on-call or suggest someone directly from Slack.



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