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Celebrate achievements with Kudos in Slack

Send, receive, and celebrate kudos effortlessly in Slack. Foster a team culture of appreciation and recognition.

Build a culture of recognition within Slack

Encourage and facilitate the sending of kudos among team members directly within Slack.

Publicly applaud team members in Slack by mentioning them and including 💎 emojis in your message, or simply add a 💎reaction to any noteworthy post.

Privately acknowledge the exceptional efforts of your coworkers by utilizing the Give kudos workflow.

Create a culture of recognition, fostering a sense of belonging, engagement, and productivity.

Give Kudos in Slack
List Top Kudos receivers in Slack

Comprehensive Kudos tracking and insightful people analytics

Cultivate an environment of continuous recognition and positive reinforcement by engaging within Slack.

Discover who leads in team appreciation with a dynamic scoreboard, showcasing members ranked by their collected kudos.

Gain insights into your personal journey of gratitude with a comprehensive summary of all the kudos you've received and contributed over time.

Regularly track the most frequent givers and receivers of kudos in Slack, either on a weekly or monthly basis.

Turn recognition into tangible rewards

Elevate team recognition with the Kudos Shop in Slack, where managers add and manage diverse rewards inventory.

Offer varied rewards, from cool merchandise to unique experiences, ensuring all employees feel appreciated.

Let team members redeem gifts in Slack using their earned kudos, making recognition more tangible and rewarding.

Redeem gifts with Kudos in Slack
Enhance team culture with Kudos in Slack

Enhance team culture and boost engagement:

Boost employee well-being, quality of work, and productivity.

Ensure employees feel engaged, valued, and appreciated, increasing their likelihood of long-term commitment.

Elevate levels of discretionary effort by acknowledging and appreciating employee contributions.

Utilize performance and morale metrics to anticipate turnover and drive a positive culture through in-depth insights.

Use cases

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Give recognition in Slack

Easily acknowledge and celebrate your coworker’s achievements in Slack


Check Kudos tally in Slack

Keep track your kudos and team scoreboard in Slack


Manage Kudos shop

Effortlessly add and remove Kudos shop items in Slack


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