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Actioner Use cases

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Manage deal pipeline and lead lifecycle through Slack. Empower your team and raise the value of your sales stack.
  • Get alerts of new HubSpot leads
  • Collaborate in deal rooms
  • Streamline handoffs


Reply and solve tickets quickly in Slack, and bring conversational ticketing to your teams.
  • Get alerts on new Zendesk tickets
  • Manage and track ticket lifecycle
  • Create tickets with emojis

Incident management

Quickly respond and resolve incidents and manage communication with your stakeholders right in Slack.
  • Collaborate in incident rooms
  • Track and manage incident lifecycle
  • Get notified of post-incident reminders

Pull request reviews

Get notified of new pull requests and collaborate with your team to merge them faster — right in Slack.
  • Ephemeral Slack channels for PRs
  • Track PR comments, updates or test results
  • Broadcast commit events to main

Continuous integration & delivery

Orchestrate your pipelines and workflows, right in Slack and identify errors, failed codes or slowdowns faster.
  • Use ready-to-run actions to trigger your workflows
  • Get notified of successful or failed builds
  • Track the live status of each individual job in one place

Jira Software

Transform the way you manage Jira projects with Actioner.
  • Get notified of new Jira issues
  • Manage and track your issues through their life-cycle
  • Resolve issues faster in dedicated Slack channels


Bring office celebrations to Slack with Actioner
  • Keep track of special days through smart reminders
  • Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, an more in Slack
  • Connect with your coworkers while having fun

Leave management

Manage employee absences and leaves with Actioner.
  • Request PTO, vacation, sick leave, and more in Slack
  • Monitor coworker absences with dedicated channels
  • Create policies for different employee types
  • Approve & decline leave requests with smart notifications

Planning poker

Elevate estimations and sprint plannings with Planning poker for Slack.
  • Enable seamless & collaborative team voting
  • Reach a clear consensus on the story points
  • Adjust sprints in real-time
  • Provide fun, interactive backlog sessions for your team

How Actioner levels up work in Slack

Teams using Actioner always keep focus, stay on top of processes, hack productivity, and work magic in Slack.

Keep context in Slack
No more spending to access data or switching between tools.
Get Slack notifications
Avoid missing info ruining your business, and always stay up-to-date.
Utilize action buttons
Speed up business processes with next best actions.
Automate your way
Build and run workflows according to your needs with Slack and webhook.
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