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How does Actioner complement Slack?

With your work tools connected to Slack, you can work faster by switching tabs less. Actioner lets you easily build custom apps for Slack linked to any of your work tools (even internal ones), all without any coding. Use Actioner to reduce app fatigue and do all your work from Slack.

Without Actioner

Slack's own app builder is not flexible, and you need to be a developer to build apps through coding.

This makes it impossible for the average user (or a different developer) to make changes.

With Actioner

Actioner is a no-code builder that lets you build your own apps and automations for Slack without coding anything.

You can string together Actioner building blocks to perform different tasks, like managing customer tickets, resolving IT incidents or updating your CRM without opening your CRM — all directly from Slack.

Learn how to connect to Slack

Slack is great to:

Communicate with your entire team in one place

Work across multiple organizations and workspaces

Get alerts and notifications from work apps you've integrated


Actioner is great to:

Turn Slack into your true digital H.Q.

Integrate all your tools — internal or external — into Slack, without coding anything

Have a fully functional and consistent experience for different functions like Sales, Marketing, IT, or Support with the help of apps tailored for Slack.

Access your Apps from Slack, browser, and mobile

Let's take a look at an example

How does Actioner work with Slack?

Let’s assume you want to learn about a customer of yours.

Specifically, you want to learn:


When and how they became a customer


How they have been using your product/service

Jira - Atlassian

Which issues they reported to your development teams


Their payment and subscription details


How their interaction with your support team has been

Without Actioner

Although all of these tools have their individual integrations with Slack, it’s not possible to get the data you want from their apps for Slack.

Information is siloed, and not accessible from Slack directly.

You need to visit each tool, query them for the exact info you’re looking for, and compile the aggredated data manually — then share it in Slack manually.

Without Actioner

With Actioner

Actioner lets you run a custom workflow that gathers data from each of these tools and shares the answer in Slack automatically.

Just run the workflows in Slack without having to visit any of these tools.

With Actioner