Resolve incidents faster with Actioner!

Build repeatable and consistent incident management workflows in Slack.

Slack-first incident management tool stack
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Take all incident actions in Slack

Easily create and update incidents in your preferred systems like PagerDuty or Jira, and build incident timelines and postmortems.

Loop in the right people at the right time, automatically. Provide all the content they need to take relevant actions without leaving Slack.

Bring visibility on the incident resolution progress, and keep stakeholders and customers informed on status and other important changes.

Slack-first incident management
Post-incident checklist reminders in Slack

Save time and boost productivity

Build workflows to encode and automate your entire incident process. 

Make an end to memorizing incident processes or following inefficient checklists.

Do not waste time on repetitive manual work like updating stakeholders and status pages. 

Focus on resolving incidents while Actioner takes care of all the rest.


Collaborate and reach fast resolutions

Connect responders in dedicated incident war room channels.

Provide your team with all the context and actions they need to resolve the incidents. 

Keep all comms and updates in the channel for a better case-swarming experience with easier access and clear history.

See how incident war rooms in Slack work here.

Create incident with an emoji
Monitor incident lifecycle through Slack

Bring operational metrics into Slack

Track everything related to your incidents in Slack. 

Gain insights into areas of success and opportunities for improvement. 

Discover the vulnerabilities in your systems and processes.

Learn how your teams perform during incidents.

Always improve by learning from past incidents.