Boost sales productivity with Actioner!

Manage CRM without leaving Slack and eliminate context switching.

Slack-first sales automation tool stack
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Are you tired of:

Trying to find the right people and to get their help for legal redlining, security questionnaires, building a POC or running a demo?

Countless browser tabs to find and consolidate information?

Having to deal with countless tools for filing tickets, following up issues, enriching customer data, or checking the status of customer requests and roadmap?

Getting nagged to update HubSpot?

We hear you!

You don’t have to be an expert on your CRM or those countless tools (notes, sheets, docs, CRM, tasks, calendars, search, ..). All you need is an interface that consolidates these tools into a simple and fast workspace and lets you work your way.

With Actioner, you can even go beyond the limits of your toolset, with no coding!


Take all sales actions in Slack

Create & update deals, leads, and other CRM data conveniently.

Broadcast important updates to the right people as soon as they happen, automatically. Let them take relevant actions with all the context needed without leaving Slack.

Bring visibility to your work and keep stakeholders informed on deal progress and other important changes.

Access and use customer data without leaving Slack

Save time and boost productivity

Research companies and leads faster at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

Quickly enrich lead data from various sources such as Clearbit and LinkedIn.  

Get contextual information such as how your customer uses your product & customer support with a single click.

Build smart sales prospecting workflows by automating what exactly you need.


Take action on key clients in deal rooms

Create dedicated Slack channels that sync seamlessly with your CRM and other sales tools.

Keep all comms and updates in a centralized channel for easier access and clear history.

Through smart reminders, notifications, and alerts targeting the right people in the deal rooms, stay informed, aligned, and more engaged with key accounts.

Learn how to create deal rooms here.

Access and use customer data without leaving Slack

Loop in subject matter experts & streamline handoffs

Involve the right resources with a single click, and collaborate with the broader team in the deal room.

Request a sales engineer for POC or demo.

Get your security questionnaire filled out by InfoSec.

Engage with the PM team to share the roadmap or fill out an RFP.

Get Finance’s approval on pricing and discounts and more..