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Bring your ChatGPT experience in Slack with Actioner

Elevate your Slack experience by integrating ChatGPT into your workspace and interact with your AI Assistant on the go. Enhance team collaboration and task efficiency with ChatGPT Slack integration.

Effortless interaction, anytime, anywhere

Kickstart the AI assistant by mentioning the assistant in any Slack channel. Each mention initiates a secure, independent thread, optimizing group collaborations and emulating the ChatGPT experience within Slack.

Engage directly with the AI assistant through its dedicated Slack home for more private interactions. These conversations are discrete and continuous, perfect for confidential discussions and one-on-one engagements.

Private chat with AI-assistant in Slack
Interact with AI-assistant in Slack

Experience ChatGPT right in Slack

Enjoy the full ChatGPT experience without leaving your Slack workspace with seamless OpenAI Slack integration.

The AI assistant has you covered, from generating text, translating languages, summarizing content, and answering questions – all in Slack

Enhance group projects and real-time collaboration with AI-powered insights and suggestions.

Customize with ease: Harness the power of workflows

Explore pre-built features that let you access instant weather updates and effortless GIF searches on Giphy, all ready to use.

Go beyond ChatGPT and build your own AI assistant that can interact with third-party and real-time data by crafting custom workflows.

Send gifs and check weather in Slack
Zendesk AI assistant in Slack

Create your personalized Slack Copilot

Customize your AI assistant to suit your needs and seamlessly interact with your preferred apps through natural language processing (NLP) for data access, enrichment, and task execution.

Stay on top of Jira issues, get pull request reviews, monitor ongoing incidents, and manage your on-call schedule.

Efficiently handle support tickets, track qualified deals, or manage marketing content calendar.

Stay connected with your team by watching upcoming birthdays, engaging with your knowledge base, and much more!

Your gateway to seamless automation

Actioner turns the complex into simple, allowing you to connect apps and automate workflows on a grand scale, faster and easier than ever.