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Integrate OpenAI's ChatGPT with Slack for quick, smart assistance.

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ChatGPT AI Assistant App for Slack, built on the Actioner platform, is designed to extend the capabilities of Slack for users seeking to execute various tasks within the chat interface itself. It leverages the full potential of Actioner's AI assistant feature, offering modification freedom to suit different types of needs. ## Features These features come by default with ChatGPT Slack integration: - **Text generation:** Ask the assistant to generate coherent and contextually relevant text based on your input in Slack– for creative writing, generating articles, and more. - **Conversational AI:** Engage in conversations on various topics and get informative and engaging responses in Slack. - **Language translation:** Translate text from one language to another accurately while in Slack. - **Summarization:** Summarize long discussions or articles within Slack. - **Question answering:** Ask the AI assistant to answer questions based on the provided information or training data. - **Sentiment analysis:** AI Assistant can analyze the sentiment of text, determining whether it's positive, negative, or neutral. - **Text completion:** It can complete sentences or paragraphs based on the initial text you’ve provided in Slack. - **Grammar and spell check:** Get assistance correcting grammar and spelling errors in your text while sending a message on Slack. - **Knowledge retrieval:** The assistant works with ChatGPT by default; it can provide information based on the knowledge it was trained on. - **Programming assistance:** Get help with coding by providing code snippets, explaining programming concepts, and debugging code – all in Slack. In addition to what ChatGPT provides: - **Get weather conditions:** This workflow takes a location input and provides current weather details. - **Get related GIF from Giphy:** Upon receiving a keyword, the workflow presents a button in Slack that initiates a search for related GIFs when clicked. ## Interaction Modalities - **Mention-based interaction:** By mentioning the configured AI assistant in any Slack channel, begin a conversation that sparks a separate and secure thread for managing tasks. New mentions trigger independent conversations, emulating the ChatGPT experience in Slack, optimized for group collaborations. - **Direct messaging via App home:** Users can directly interact with the AI assistant through its home in Slack, starting conversations that remain discrete and continuous within that space. This method offers a more private manner of interaction, ideal for confidential discussions and one-on-one engagements. ## Disclaimer: Please note that AI Assistant utilizes OpenAI to generate responses. While aiming for accuracy, there may be errors or offensive content. We apologize for any inconvenience and value your feedback should you have concerns.


Get weather condition

This workflow gets the current weather conditions in a location

Listen messages in app home

Captures app home messages for agile Slack responses

Listen messages from assistant

Tracks AI responses, ensuring timely follow-ups.

Listen requires_action from assistant

Flags assistant prompts requiring user decisions.

Listen messages in slack

Keeps an ear on channel chatter.

Listen app mentioned in slack

"Listen" monitors Slack mentions, providing real-time alerts and insights directly within your workspace.

Cancel run

Cancels the run from the assistant platform

Get related gif from giphy

This workflow gets a GIF related with the keyword given from giphy



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