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Transform the way you manage Jira projects with Actioner!

Streamline your issue management in Slack.

Stop switching between
Jira and Slack!

Say goodbye to the hassle of logging into Jira every time you need to manage your projects. Actioner allows you to manage all your Jira projects directly within your Slack channels.

Simply connect your Jira account to Actioner and streamline your workflow like never before. Your team will appreciate the convenience of accessing all their Jira tasks without ever having to leave Slack!


Take all Jira actions in Slack

Keep Slack conversations and Jira issues synced automatically both ways.

Create, update, and find Jira issues quickly and easily in Slack. Customize how you want to manage your most common Jira tasks, such as assigning tasks, updating status, logging work, and commenting.

Get automatic previews of Jira issues when they're mentioned in any Slack channel.

With Jira integrated into Slack, you can manage everything without ever leaving the Slack interface.

Create Jira issue in Slack
Create Slack channel for Jira issues

Use actionable alerts to keep the wheels turning

Automate soft-nudges about issues that need attention via custom & actionable alerts in Slack.

Stop worrying about spamming and share messages that matter with the right audiences in dedicated channels via custom smart notifications.

No need to navigate to Jira to get project insights. Bring the information everyone needs to Slack, so everyone stays in the loop.


Use Jira the way you want: the Slack way via Actioner

Transform Slack into your new Jira interface with Actioner. Avoid Jira speed, interface difficulties, and other issues and use Jira to its fullest extent right from Slack.

Leverage Slack-native features like emojis, channels, notifications, threads, and custom forms to ease the Jira burden.

Report Jira issue with ticket emoji in Slack

Need examples

Tired of copying and pasting?

Create new Jira issues directly from Slack messages by adding an emoji.

Fed up with filling out long Jira forms?

Customize form fields and use field defaults to pre-populate commonly used values, saving you time and reducing repetitive data entry.

Have a critical issue?

Automatically create a dedicated Slack channel for it and invite your team to collaborate. All the relevant data will be synced to the Jira issue in real time.

View Jira issue metrics in Slack

Jira metrics at your fingertips

Automatically share key performance metrics, such as sprint burndown, in Slack at your desired cadence. Identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.

Identify bottlenecks in your project, speed up feature delivery, and assess team performance throughout sprints.

Don’t limit yourself to the default Jira reports, use Actioner’s no-code builder to see your Jira data from different perspectives.