Deliver software faster with Actioner!

Run your CI / CD pipelines, with full visibility and control - all within Slack.

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Continuous Integration & Delivery IN SLACK
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Source code → Artifact → Production all in Slack

Connect your CI/CD tools such as GitHub, Jenkins and Bitbucket to Actioner, and run your workflows without leaving Slack.

Track the status of your builds, deployments and pending approvals through real-time and actionable Slack notifications. Quickly identify and resolve issues by leveraging the context and actions available in Slack.

Deliver software faster by streamlining workflows. Automate repetitive tasks and reduce manual intervention through integration of CI/CD into Slack.

Access and use customer data without leaving Slack
Access and use customer data without leaving Slack

Dedicated channels for any stage of software development and delivery

Plan, test, deploy, and operate your software through dedicated channels that sync seamlessly with your tool stack. Automatically invite relevant users into the channel for timely updates, visibility and collaboration.

Keep all comms and updates in one channel for easy access and clear history. No need to switch to different tools to check the status or updates of CI/CD; it’s where you already are; in Slack.

Through smart notifications targeting the right people, stay informed, aligned, and more engaged with key activities like review assignments, test completion, PR approval and deploy completions.


Operational metrics at your fingertips

Use our customizable outputs specialized for Slack to gain visibility and insights into things like DORA metrics.

Track metrics such as lead time for changes, deployment frequency, deployment failure rate and mean time to recovery easily in Slack. Take actions right there and improve operations continuously.

Bring visibility and democratize data around Dev & Ops across your entire organization right where you communicate: Slack!

Access and use customer data without leaving Slack