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Bitbucket Pipelines

Run Bitbucket Pipelines in Slack and track the run progress, without any configuration. Gain full visibility and control on your CI/CD pipelines.

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Run Bitbucket pipelines and track their statuses in Slack with Actioner. Start using the app in Slack immediately after you install it. Actioner provides a seamless Bitbucket pipelines Slack integration. ⏲️Real-time monitoring of code deployments in Bitbucket will boost your productivity and transparency 🧑‍💻 By promoting public accountability and quick error handling, more stable, reliable code will be developed 🥳You’ll have more efficient DevOps workflows due to minimized need for constant manual checks and repetitive tasks 💬Contextual discussions around specific builds or issues will improve agility, swift response times, and productivity in your software development process through Bitbucket ## Features **Run pipelines directly in Slack:** You can call Actioner app in Slack and select the pipeline you want to run from the pipeline list. Ship code faster by running your pipelines right in Slack! **Live status tracking:** Actioner sends a notification to your preferred Slack channel whenever you trigger a pipeline. You can track the status and improve your commits and deploys by identifying any errors in your code. **Subscribe to the Bitbucket events:** You can select Bitbucket repositories and also get notified in your preferred channel when a pipeline runs in those repositories. ## How it works After you install this app, all you need to do is connect to your Bitbucket and Slack workspaces, subscribe to Bitbucket events to create a webhook and select the channel to receive notifications with the event types. In Slack, you can run a pipeline just by calling Actioner. Select Run pipeline workflow from the workflow list, then find the pipeline you want to trigger. After that, a form will appear in Slack for choosing a repository and branch. The rest will be dynamically generated from the YAML file. After that, you’ll click **Run**. Once a pipeline is triggered, Actioner will notify the Slack channel chosen during the setup informing its status (in progress, successful, or failed), and continue informing you until the process is completed. With smart notifications, Actioner lets your development teams to track the live status of your pipelines and ship code faster and better by identifying any failures and showdowns in your code base.


Remove repository subscription

This workflow allows you to unsubscribe the selected repository pipeline run results. When you remove the subscription, pipeline results will no longer be posted to the selected Slack channel.

List unsubscribed repositories

Run this workflow to list the repositories that don't have subscriptions yet. If you want to receive pipeline run result messages from a selected Slack channel, you can easily subscribe to repositories from the results list.

Subscribe to Bitbucket events

This workflow creates a webhook on Bitbucket to subscribe to the pipeline events from a selected repository. If you want to subscribe PR events from multiple repositories, you can re-run this workflow.

List subscribed repositories

Run this workflow to list the repositories that have subscriptions. If you want to stop receiving pipeline run result messages from a selected Slack channel, you can easily unsubscribe them from the results list.

Listen pipeline events

This workflow is triggered when a pipeline run is started. If the pipeline run is initiated by a user, it sends a direct message to the user. Also, if the repository is subscribed to a Slack channel, an informative message will be also sent to the channel.

Run pipeline

This workflow allows you to invoke any Bitbucket pipeline in your selected repository with automatically generated parameters.

Select channel for pipeline run results

Run this workflow to subscribe a Bitbucket repository to receive pipeline run result messages from a selected Slack channel. You can also select the event types you would like to receive notifications.

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