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Bring free and instant polling right into Slack with Actioner

Effortlessly create, launch, and manage real-time polls directly in Slack. Gather instant feedback and analyze responses easily — all at no cost, forever.

Make smart team decisions inside Slack

Create polls, engage your team for responses, and analyze the results – all seamlessly within Slack.

Either call Actioner app in Slack or instruct AI agent with your poll question and options to create a poll.

Enhance engagement by sending Slack reminders to your poll participants, ensuring timely responses.

Make use of poll templates or save your custom poll as a template.

Slack reminders for polls
Poll types for Slack

Slack-native polls for every need

Select the poll type that fits best to your needs:

Opt for Emoji responses to infuse fun and engagement into decision-making or feedback gathering.

Pose Free-form polls to capture unstructured, insightful answers from your team members.

Employ Numbered polls for streamlined decisions on up to five options.

Leverage Select list-polls, allowing participants to make multiple selections from a curated list.

Gain full control over your polls

Post polls in real-time or schedule them for later to gather thoughts whenever you need.

Set a time to close polls, ensuring timely responses that inform decisions swiftly.

Allow for responses to remain anonymous, or unveil them only after the poll has concluded.

Determine who can respond to your poll, ensuring each feedback is relevant and insightful.

Create and customize polls in Slack
Poll results in Slack

Poll insights at your fingertips

Seamlessly view poll responses in distinct formats directly within Slack.

See how responses are distributed to easily analyze patterns.

Compare respondents to gauge participation.

Access a detailed responder list, showcasing each responder's selected option alongside the corresponding percentage and count.

Use cases

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Conduct polls in Slack

Choose the ideal poll type and launch instant polls in Slack.


Ready-to-use poll templates

Utilize a library of poll templates for Slack


Save polls as templates

Save polls as templates in Slack to run them whenever you need.


Your gateway to seamless automation

Actioner turns the complex into simple, allowing you to connect apps and automate workflows on a grand scale, faster and easier than ever.