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Bring magic to office celebrations in Slack with Actioner!

Ensure that special days are never forgotten with Actioner's fun and interactive celebration workflows in Slack.


Turn remote team celebrations into cherished moments

Don't let important occasions go unnoticed - celebrate your coworkers' birthdays and anniversaries on time using Actioner’s smart notifications.

Create your birthday celebration message from scratch, or choose from the most fun, ready-to-use templates.

Spice up your greetings by including entertaining GIFs.

Improve communication within coworkers when working remotely.

Celebrate office birthdays inSlack
Look up for work anniversaries in Slack

Keep track of office birthdays and work anniversaries in Slack

Stay on top of office birthdays by receiving timely reminders one day or one week in advance.

Check whether there is an upcoming birthday or anniversary at any time by running Actioner in Slack.

Get Slack notifications when it’s a coworker’s birthday or anniversary and celebrate them right away.


Save time with automated birthday and anniversary collections

Let your team enter their birthdays and hire dates through Slack.

Automatically collect special dates and store them in Actioner databases.

Show your team their privacy matters by allowing them to decide whether to share their information or not.

Reduce HR workload and save valuable time with automation and streamlined workflows.

Collect employee birthdays in Slack
Build company culture in Slack

Develop a thriving company culture

Make your team feel valued by dedicating Slack channels to mark and celebrate their special days.

Keep loved ones happy. Prepare for celebrations in advance with the help of smart reminders.

Boost team morale with fun and engaging Slack celebrations for remote workers.

Spread positivity and happiness, and let your team members connect with each other while having fun!

Use cases

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Celebrate work anniversaries in Slack

Make work anniversaries memorable in Slack with an exciting and enjoyable experience.


Create custom celebrations in Slack

Create custom office celebrations and celebrate them in your preferred Slack channels.


View upcoming celebrations in Slack

Discover upcoming celebrations in one click.


Your gateway to seamless automation

Actioner turns the complex into simple, allowing you to connect apps and automate workflows on a grand scale, faster and easier than ever.