Make the Switch to Actioner: The Best Alternative to Halp

With Halp (Atlassian Assist) sunsetting, it's crucial for teams to find a reliable and powerful alternative for their conversational ticketing needs. Look no further than Actioner, the next-generation platform that now includes AI-powered support capabilities.

Why Actioner is the Ideal Choice for Halp Users:

Customization and Flexibility

Tailor apps to your team's needs with our no-code app builder.

Create custom forms for actions like ticket creation, updates, and running CSAT.

Pay for what you use; no need to count ticket volume, number of agents or Slack users.

Advanced Conversational Ticketing

Automate workflows, including human-in-the-loop automations, directly in Slack.

Schedule SLAs, reminders, and status updates for specific audiences.

Unify customer communication across Slack and email.

AI-Powered Support Operations

With Actioner’s AI assistant framework, build your AI assistant and AI-powered knowledge-base in just a few minutes.

Leverage AI assistants for deflection or as agent assistants. Enjoy reduced manual workload, smarter ticket handling and quicker triaging & resolutions.

Bi-directional integration with Zendesk and Jira Software

Either use Actioner’s own ticketing system or use it as a bot to connect to your ticketing on Zendesk or Jira Software.

Sync status, comments, attachments, ... between Slack threads & your ticketing tool in real-time. Update ticket fields, even custom fields, from within Slack.

Enhanced Collaboration and Reporting

Collaborate with external users in Slack Connect channels.

Benefit from unique reporting capabilities designed for Slack.

Seamless Transition from Halp

Transitioning from Halp to Actioner is smooth and effortless. You'll retain all the functionalities you're accustomed to, plus gain access to innovative features that make Actioner the superior choice. Our support team is with you every step of the transition, just ping us when needed.

Elevate Your Support Operations with Actioner

Don't let the discontinuation of Halp disrupt your support operations. Switch to Actioner and experience the future of conversational ticketing with the added power of AI assistants.