Say Goodbye to Halp and Hello to Actioner!

Attention Halp users!
Are you still using Halp for conversational ticketing?

Unfortunately, Atlassian has recently announced that Halp will be discontinued. But fear not, because Actioner has got you covered with all of Halp's capabilities and even more! Make a smooth transition to Actioner today and experience the next level of conversational ticketing.

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How does Actioner stand out?

Looking for a no-code solution to streamline your support team's workflow in Slack? Look no further than Actioner!

Our app builder makes it easy to customize and build apps tailored to your team's specific needs. And with our conversational ticketing app, which fully complies with Halp's functionality and experience, you can easily transition from Halp to Actioner without missing a beat. Plus, our app directory offers even more ready-to-use solutions, and our no-code app designer makes it easy to customize and build your own apps beyond conversational ticketing. Say goodbye to the limitations of
Halp and hello to the endless possibilities of Actioner!

Take conversational ticketing to the next level with Actioner

Actioner provides unique functionalities and benefits for ticketing in Slack, including:

  • Achieve unparalleled customizability with our no-code app builder

  • Say goodbye to reliance on other vendors for building required Slack app features

  • Automate your workflows on Slack, including those involving human-in-the-loop automations

  • Schedule SLAs, reminders, and status updates that are tailored to specific Slack audiences with ease

  • Search for tickets directly within Slack using our advanced capabilities

  • Create and preview tickets directly in Slack with our advanced features

  • Get custom forms that match your precise needs for various actions such as creating tickets, updating status, and running CSAT

  • Enjoy unique reporting capabilities that are meticulously designed for Slack

  • Customize your emoji actions to suit your team's needs

  • Use threaded update options to improve organization and visibility

  • Get dedicated channels and swarming for critical cases

  • Collaborate with external users in Slack Connect channels

  • And many other features that make Slack the ultimate home for conversational ticketing.


Want to learn more?

If you’re using Halp + Zendesk together see our Zendesk app page for details