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Conduct daily standups in Slack with Actioner

Organize, conduct, and track standups effortlessly in Slack. Enjoy fewer meetings, save time, and turn routine updates into automated workflows.

Swift, Streamlined, Simple standups

Easy setup: Effortlessly organize daily standups in just seconds. Simply choose the channel, set the time and duration, and opt for either scheduled or instant execution

Easy answer: Answer standup questions and track your team's progress without leaving Slack workspace.

Fewer meetings: Transform routine check-ins into automated workflows. Easily gather team insights and monitor tasks directly within Slack.

Create standup meetings in Slack
Standup Slack notification

Async team updates within Slack

Initiate standups directly in Slack – prompt team members to share updates on their progress, plans, and blockers.

Customize your standup meetings with ease: choose automated or manual scheduling, set frequency, days, and times to fit your team's needs.

Notify team members in Slack to ensure everyone contributes their updates on time.

Quick update & blocker collection

Get quick, structured updates on yesterday’s accomplishments, today’s goals, and any impediments.

Customize your standup questions according to your team preferences.

Emphasize objectives and targets, keeping the team focused on key priorities.

Identify and address hurdles , fostering collaboration to overcome challenges.

Provide standup updates in Slack

Use cases

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Setup a Standup meeting in Slack

Initiate a daily standup meeting without leaving Slack


Participate in Slack standup meeting

Provide your updates, blockers and challenges that needs to be addressed right in Slack


Your gateway to seamless automation

Actioner turns the complex into simple, allowing you to connect apps and automate workflows on a grand scale, faster and easier than ever.