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Setup a Standup meeting in Slack

Initiate a daily standup meeting without leaving Slack

What’s it for

Modern teams can participate daily checkins in Slack from anywhere – without needing to physically gather in a specific location or use a separate conferencing tool. 

Standups are now quicker than in-person meetings, as they often just require short updates typed into the chat, reducing the likelihood of off-topic conversations.

How to set up a standup meeting in Slack

  1. You can trigger a Standup meeting in Slack with a simple /actioner command. 
  2. After that, you need to select Create Standup meeting workflow.
  3. Fill in the Standup details in the pop-up form, provide its name, team channel, and meeting schedule, and click the Create.
  4. At the scheduled date and time, Actioner sends a notification to the selected team channel, enabling team members to input their updates.   

How to get started

All you need to do is to install Standup app from Actioner app directory and connect to your Slack workspace. After successfully setting up the app, you can set Slack daily standups effortlessly.

Some other handy workflows

Participate in Slack standup meeting

Provide your updates, blockers and challenges that needs to be addressed right in Slack


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Frequently asked questions

Is it possible to conduct an async daily standup?

Absolutely! Actioner’s Standup App fully supports Async Standup meetings, providing you with the flexibility to collect team updates without the necessity for real-time interaction. You can easily set up your meeting at a scheduled time that you predefined during the creation, or initiate it manually whenever needed.