Elevate team spirit with Kudos! Give kudos, view tallies, and enjoy rewards, all within Slack for a supportive work culture.

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The Kudos is designed for Slack users to foster a positive and appreciative team environment. Team members can easily send public or private kudos to their coworkers using 💎 (gem), directly contributing to an engaging and supportive work culture. ## Features 📅 **Daily Recognition:** Empower regular and meaningful acknowledgment by distributing up to 5 Kudos Gems to teammates daily – you can set the Gem limits. 📊 **Kudos tally:** Monitor your accumulated Kudos Gems at any time on Slack, and stay informed with the team scoreboard, which celebrates the most recognized members in your public Kudos channel. 🛍️ **Kudos shop:** Exchange Kudos Gems for a variety of enticing rewards, from gift cards to communal team experiences. ## How it works Once you've installed the Kudos app in your Slack workspace, showing appreciation becomes an effortless part of your routine. Say you're impressed by a team member's brilliant work; you can promptly acknowledge their effort by running the Give Kudos workflow within Slack. Just choose the coworker and the number of gems to award, and you'll send a personalized token of appreciation their way. For a public shout-out, all you need to do is mention them in a channel message, add a few words of praise, and include the 💎 (gem) emoji. Or simply react with the 💎 (gem) emoji to any of their messages in channels where the Actioner app is present. You can view your accumulated gems running the My Kudos workflow or check your leading team members running the Scoreboard workflow in Slack. And when you're ready to redeem your Kudos Gems for a well-deserved reward, the Kudos shop offers a variety of enticing options. If you're in charge of managing the shop, you have the power to keep the rewards fresh and exciting, ensuring there's always something new for your team to look forward to.


Check daily limit

This workflow show how many kudos spent on today

Add Shop item

This workflow adds a new item to the Kudos shop.

Delete shop item

This workflow is used for deleting shop item on the kudos shop.

Give kudos 💎

Run this workflow to give Kudos 💎 to someone.

Spend on shop

When this workflow called, it will create a spend item response.

Kudos shop

This workflow returns the list of Shop items. Users can run "Spend on shop" workflow from the returned list of Shop items.

Give kudos logic

This workflow handles the kudos logic. When this workflow called, it will create a give kudos response.

My kudos 💎

This workflow show users kudos 💎 balance both receive and sent.

Scoreboard message and reset

This workflow will send top 3 person on kudos scoreboard (both giver and receiver) and reset scoreboard. It will use monthly and weekly scoreboard table

Kudos channel listener

This workflow listen the Kudos channel and run "Give kudos logic" workflow.

Scoreboard update

This workflow listens Add kudos event and updates the scoreboard table

Kudos reaction listener

This workflow listens the 💎 (Gem) reaction on messages and automatically runs Give Kudos workflow.


This workflow returns the list of kudos receiver and giver scoreboard.

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