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Redeem rewards from Kudos shop

Collect kudos and spend them to redeem gifts from Kudos shop in Slack

What’s it for

By rewarding desirable behaviors and achievements with kudos, you can reinforce behaviors within your team – for a more positive and productive work environment.

How it works

Team members can redeem gifts from the Kudos Gem app using their collected kudos within Slack.

  1. Call Kudos (type /kudos) and select Kudos shop from the list.
  2. Choose your reward from a list of shop items according to your preferences.
  3. Select Redeem for the item you want to spend your kudos on.

How to get started

  1. Install Kudos to your Slack workspace.
  2. Ensure that you appoint shop managers and add items to the shop. 
  3. To redeem a gift, accumulate the required number of gems set by the shop manager for your chosen item and follow the steps above.

Some other handy workflows

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Check Kudos tally in Slack

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Manage Kudos shop

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Frequently asked questions

How do I use Kudos Shop?

You need to add the shop manager first, only the show manager can add/remove shop items. You can add a shop manager via the app document and use AI to create and update the app config.

How can I change the daily kudos limit?

The daily limit is set at 5 by default, you can change it via the app document and use AI to create and update the app config.

How do I know how many kudos are left on that day?

You can check your daily limit by running the Check daily limit workflow.

Is it possible to disable thread messages?

Yes, you can use the Kudos Gem app in silent mode. In silent mode, the app does not generate any thread messages. To enable silent mode, you need to change the app document and use AI to regenerate and update the App Config.