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Markdown format

Create sophisticated formatting with markdown in your Slack notifications and outputs.

On Slack requests that sends or updates a message and on markdown outputs, you can add styling with markdown elements.

List of Actioner markdown elements


To create paragraphs, use a blank line to separate one or more lines of text.

Line breaks

To create a line break or new line, end a line with two or more spaces, and then type return.


To create a heading, add one to six # symbols before your heading text. The number of # you use will determine the size of the heading.

Note that Slack markdown does not support headings. If you added a heading, it will be shown bold in Slack.

# The largest heading
## The second largest heading
### The third largest heading
### The forth largest heading
### The fifth largest heading
###### The smallest heading

Styling text

You can indicate emphasis with bold, italic, or strikethrough text in markdown fields.

**This is bold text**
*This text is italicized*
‍~~This was mistaken text~~

Inline code

Inline code blocks that are a single word or line: wrap your text with a single backtick (`).

`var example = 0;`

Quoting text

You can quote text with a >.

> Actioner brings all your apps together.

Unordered lists

Make an unordered list by preceding one or more lines of text with -.

- First item
- Second item
- Third item

Ordered lists

To order your list, precede each line with a number.

1. First item
2. Second item
3. Third item


Display an image by adding ! and wrapping the alt text in [ ]. Then wrap the link for the image in parentheses ().

![Actioner app](

Create an inline link by wrapping link text in brackets [ ], and then wrapping the URL in parentheses ().

Go to [App directory](