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Peer feedback

Learn how to get started with peer feedback.

Install peer feedback from app directory and start using it by connecting your Slack.


Visit this link to learn about peer feedback use cases.

  • πŸ’¬ Request and provide feedback: Select one or more peers to ask for their feedback and easily share your feedback with your coworkers without leaving Slack.
  • πŸ€– AI-assist: AI agent is here to assist you in finding the right words, making your feedback impactful and constructiveβ€”while preventing the delivery of inappropriate feedback.
  • πŸ‘€ View your feedback: Easily list the feedback you've received and use it as a compass for personal and professional development within your organization.

How to get started​

Step 1. Install peer feedback​

Visit Peer feedback in app directory and click Install button at top right corner.

Install peer feedback

Step 2. Connect to Slack​

After installing the app, you'll be prompted to connect your Slack workspace.

Connections for peer feedback

Complete Slack connection​

If you have not connected your Slack workspace, you can click Connect near Slack connection.

Slack connection

You can also add your Slack workspace by navigating to Workspace settings page from left menu and then switching to Slack workspace tab.

If you do not see Workspace settings page, contact with your workspace admin.

Step 3. Invite your team​

By default Everyone in your Actioner workspace is added to your app as Runner.

To grant app admin permission to a user, go to the Permissions tab of your app and add users or groups via + Add permission button. If you can't find the users you want to add, ensure they have been invited to your Actioner workspace.

Permissions for peer feedback

How to ask for feedback​

To request a feedback from a colleague in Slack,

  1. Call Actioner by typing /actioner and then select Ask for feedback.

  2. Choose the users from whom you want to request feedback.

How to provide feedback​

You can use Give feedback workflow to share feedback with a coworker. There are two ways to do this:

  1. When a colleague requests your feedback, you'll receive a direct message (DM) from Actioner. Use Give feedback βœ‹ button to provide your feedback.

  2. Type /actioner and select Give feedback.

On the opening screen, enter your feedback. You can enable the Is Anonymous option to share anonymous feedback. Additionally, you may enable the Generate with AI option to get assistance from AI.

Your feedback will be shared with your colleague through a DM sent by Actioner.

Using AI assist​

In the Give feedback form, you can enable the Generate with AI option for AI assistance. After enabling this option, you may provide an additional prompt for AI assistance. Click Send button to preview your feedback before sharing it with your colleague. You have the following options:

  • That is OK, just send it: Sends your feedback to your colleague. If you selected your feedback to be anonymous, your colleague will not see who shared the feedback.
  • Review: Allows you to edit the feedback generated by the AI agent.
  • Refresh: Generates a new feedback for you to preview before sharing it with your colleague.

Viewing the feedback you received​

Whenever someone sends you feedback, you'll receive a message from Actioner. Additionally, to see the list of feedback you've received, type /actioner and select Show my feedback to see the list of feedback you've received.

Viewing the feedback received by your colleagues​

  1. In Slack, call Actioner by typing /actioner and select Show feedback.

  2. Choose the user whose feedback you want to view.

If you have access to see the selected colleague's feedback, you'll see the list on the opening screen; otherwise, you'll get an error.

Making your receieved feedback visible to others​

  1. In Slack, call Actioner by typing /actioner and select Add access to users.

  2. Choose the users to whom you want to grant visibility for the feedback you received.

Once you grant access, your colleagues will receive a DM from Actioner, informing them that you've granted access to read the feedback you received from various individuals.

Viewing the list of users who can see the feedback you receieved.​

  1. In Slack, call Actioner by typing /actioner and select Edit access of users.

  2. Users who have the access to see your feedback will be listed on the opening screen. You can use Remove access button to remove their access.