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Table search query

Learn how to search your records in your data tables with a search query.

Actioner supports SQL like search query for the records. A query interpreted as WHERE clause of the SQL.

  • If you specify more than one condition, separate the conditions by the operators AND or OR.
  • JOIN is not supported.
=, !=, <, <=, >, >=Actioner supports standart comparison operators. For the boolean fields use IS and NOTmap1.key1.key2 = 'overriding'
ANDUsed to define an intersection of two = 'joe' AND salary >= 1500
ORUsed to define a union of two = 'joe' OR salary >= 1500
IS NULLDetermines if a field has a null value.myField IS NULL
IS NOT NULLDetermines if a field does not have a null value.myField IS NOT NULL
IS TRUEDetermines if an attribute has a boolean value of true.aFlag IS TRUE
IS FALSEDetermines if an attribute has a boolean value of false.aFlag IS FALSE
INDetermines if the value of a field is in a specified set.hobbies IN ('gaming', 'swimming')
NOT INDetermines if the value of a field is not in a specified set.hobbies NOT IN ('gaming', 'swimming')
LIKEDetermines if a field contains a specified sub-string. The string argument for the LIKE operator accepts the percent sign (%) as a wildcard anywhere in the string. Search string cannot begin with LIKE 'jr.%'
NOT LIKEDetermines if a field does not contain a specified NOT LIKE 'jr.%'
BETWEENDetermines if a field between the specified values.amount between 100 AND 2000
MATCHDetermines if a field matches one of the specified values.MATCH(name, sirName) AGAINST ('joe')