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Table search query

Learn how to search your records in your tables with a search query.

How to use search queries

You can use queries to find the records you're looking for in your tables.

  • You can enter your search query on Records page of your tables.

Query on Records page

Query on Search records action

Search query syntax reference

Actioner supports search query for the records in your table.

  • If you specify more than one condition, separate the conditions by AND or OR operators.
  • JOIN is not supported.
=, !=, <, <=, >, >=Actioner supports standart comparison operators. For the boolean fields use IS and NOTmap1.key1.key2 = 'overriding'
ANDUsed to define an intersection of two = 'joe' AND salary >= 1500
ORUsed to define a union of two = 'joe' OR salary >= 1500
IS NULLDetermines if a field has a null value.myField IS NULL
IS NOT NULLDetermines if a field does not have a null value.myField IS NOT NULL
IS TRUEDetermines if an attribute has a boolean value of true.aFlag IS TRUE
IS FALSEDetermines if an attribute has a boolean value of false.aFlag IS FALSE
INDetermines if the value of a field is in a specified set.hobbies IN ('gaming', 'swimming')
NOT INDetermines if the value of a field is not in a specified set.hobbies NOT IN ('gaming', 'swimming')
LIKEDetermines if a field contains a specified sub-string. The string argument for the LIKE operator accepts the percent sign (%) as a wildcard anywhere in the string. Search string cannot begin with LIKE 'jr.%'
NOT LIKEDetermines if a field does not contain a specified NOT LIKE 'jr.%'
BETWEENDetermines if a field between the specified values.amount between 100 AND 2000
MATCHDetermines if a field matches one of the specified values.MATCH(name, sirName) AGAINST ('joe')