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Recurring jobs

Learn about recurring jobs in Actioner and how to configure them.

Jobs in Actioner enable you to automate your tasks around managing work that is one-time or on a recurring basis. Every job in Actioner triggers a task that is one-time or on a recurring basis.

Setting a job on a recurring basis enable you to automate your workflows that is repetitive in nature. To supercharge your team's productivity, you can use reminders for your team to share their weekly or daily updates in a channel. This will help everyone stay in touch with what everyone on your team has been up to.

Example use-cases

  • Remind your team to join standup meetings every weekday at 09:00 AM.
  • Automatically generate ticket volume and MTTA/R reports of your customer support team on a weekly basis and share them in your team's Slack channel.
  • Notify your team regularly with the list of issues in your backlog.
  • Alert your sales team quarterly with all deals that are set to close in the next quarter.
  • Weekly show all unworked contacts from the past week.
  • Send a weekly summary of customer feedback and reviews from various platforms to your customer success team in Slack, allowing them to address any concerns or follow up with satisfied customers.
  • Notify your finance team every quarter-end with a reminder to prepare financial statements and reports, ensuring timely completion for auditing purposes.
  • Send a monthly summary of website analytics, including traffic sources, user engagement, and conversion rates, to your marketing and analytics team in Slack for performance evaluation and decision-making.

Creating a recurring job

  1. On Jobs tab of your app, click + Add job.

  2. Select Add recurring job option.

Creating a job

  1. Provide a name for your job.

  2. Fill out Recurrence time fields.

Recurrence time

  • On Starts at fields, choose the desired date, time, and timezone for your job to begin.

Your job will run on the selected date and time based on the chosen timezone. By default, your browser's timezone is selected.

  • Select Time unit for your job's frequency. You can select your job to be run

    • At every X minutes
    • At every X hours
    • At every X days
    • At a custom interval using cron expression fields.
  • Enter the interval count for your job. For example if you want your job to run twice a day, configure your job as "Repeats every 12 hours".

  • On Ends field, select if and when your job will stop running.

    • Never: When selected, your job never stops running.
    • After a specific date: When selected, your job runs until the selected end date.
    • After a number of occurrence: When selected, your job runs after it runs for the selected Occurrence count times.

Recurring jobs have a maximum limit of 100 occurrences.

  1. Select the workflow that your job will execute. You can select between workflows in your app.

  2. If you selected a workflow with a manual trigger, enter values for input parameters. If you selected a workflow with a webhook or an integration trigger, enter payload in JSON format.

  3. Once all is set, click Add to create your job.