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Output nodes

Learn about output nodes in your workflows.

Outputs in Actioner provide a way to present the results and information generated by workflows when they are executed, particularly in Slack.

With outputs, you can display the output data in various formats such as markdown, list views, or charts, allowing for clear and organized representation of the workflow outcomes.

In the case of markdown outputs, you have the flexibility to include informational text and formatting to convey the relevant details of the workflow's execution.

Markdown outputs

Furthermore, Actioner enables you to enhance the functionality of markdown and list outputs by incorporating interactive elements, such as buttons, that can trigger additional workflows. This capability allows users to take further actions or perform updates based on the generated output.

Table outputs

For example, after creating a Zendesk ticket through a manually triggered workflow in Slack, the markdown output can include a button that triggers another workflow specifically designed to update ticket fields, providing a seamless and efficient user experience. Overall, outputs in Actioner offer a powerful means of presenting workflow results, facilitating interaction, and enabling the seamless continuation of automated processes.

In addition, outputs in Actioner serve as valuable communication tools that enable teams to stay informed and collaborate effectively. By displaying the results of workflows directly in Slack, outputs provide real-time visibility into the execution status, allowing team members to track progress and make informed decisions.

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