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Learn how to get started with Actioner's trivia app.

Β» Actioner's Trivia app for Slack is now available to everyone – and it’s completely free!

Install trivia from app directory and start using it by connecting your Slack.


  • 🎯 Custom games: Customize your trivia adventure through preferred categories, difficulty levels, and question count. Take charge of the game's theme and intensity to suit your preferences.
  • πŸ” AI-powered question generation: Experience a continuous flow of diverse questions generated by AI and ensure every game remains engaging and one-of-a-kind.
  • πŸ… Real-time scoreboard: Monitor individual and group scores with live scoreboards, enable a spirit of friendly competition and build camaraderie among participants.

How to get started​

Step 1. Install trivia​

Visit trivia in app directory and click Install button at top right corner.

Install trivia

Step 2. Connect to Slack​

After installing the app, you'll be prompted to connect your Slack workspace.

Connections for trivia

Complete Slack connection​

If you have not connected your Slack workspace, you can click Connect near Slack connection.

Slack connection

You can also add your Slack workspace by navigating to Workspace settings page from left menu and then switching to Slack workspace tab.

If you do not see Workspace settings page, contact with your workspace admin.

Step 3. Invite your team​

By default Everyone in your Actioner workspace is added to your app as Runner.

To grant app admin permission to a user, go to the Permissions tab of your app and add users or groups via + Add permission button. If you can't find the users you want to add, ensure they have been invited to your Actioner workspace.

Permissions for trivia

Creating a new trivia game in Slack​

  1. Call Actioner by typing /actioner in Slack and then select Create instant trivia workflow.

  2. On the opening form, fill out below fields:

    • Name: Give a name for the trivia.
    • Category: Provide a category for the questions.
    • Difficulty: Select difficulty.
    • Number of questions: Enter the number of questions. The number in a single game cannot be higher than 10.
    • Trivia channel: Select the channel to start playing the game.
  3. Click Run to create the game.

  4. If this is your first time playing trivia in the provided category, Actioner creates a dedicated channel for the game. However if you played trivia before with the same category, Actioner uses that channel.

Actioner also sends a notification to the selected channel and invites your team to the trivia channel to start playing the game.

How to play​

Simply join the trivia channel to begin playing.

To answer a question, click the Answer button below the question and select the correct option.

As you and your team answer questions, your responses will be revealed by the host, and the next question will become available for your team to answer.

Revealing answers​

Once the host reveals the answers to a question, Actioner will send a threaded message displaying each participant's answers separately. You will also be able to see the correct answer.

Ending game​

When all questions are answered, the host can click the End Game button to conclude the trivia. After the game ends, the scoreboard is shared in the trivia channel.