GitLab merge request management

Get GitLab notifications in Slack. Collaborate on Slack channels dedicated to each pull request. Ship code faster and keep branches up-to-date with Actioner.

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Manage and track your GitLab merge requests right in Slack with Actioner. Start using the app in Slack immediately after you install it. Actioner provides a seamless GitLab MR Slack integration. 🚀 Ship code faster by improving your MR review process and boosting engagement 👋 Improve software release cycles by saying goodbye to stale MRs 🚀 End context-switching through managing your GitLab MRs in Slack 🔔 Keep your team and branches up-to-date with contextual notifications and dedicated Slack channels ## Features - **Ephemeral Slack channels for MRs:** These channels are used for MR assignees and reviews to get updates and collaborate on merge requests. - **Check suit results:** Actioner collects completed check suits in a single thread and allows your teams to track them from the MR channel. - **Conversation sync:** GitLab comments are directly sent to the ephemeral MR channel as Slack messages organizing cluttered conversations. - **Broadcast channels for commits:** Your team gets notified of new commits to the main branch ensuring their branches stay up-to-date. ## How it works Once you install this app, you just need to connect to your GitLab account and Slack workspace. Each time there is a new merge request in GitLab, Actioner creates a dedicated Slack channel. It gathers assignees and reviews in that channel, sends MR details, and sends check-suit results. GitLab comments are also sent to the channel, allowing for streamlined communication. Your team collaborates seamlessly in Slack and delivers faster & better code reviews. And once an MR is merged, Actioner archives the MR channel to reduce clutter in Slack. Once an MR is merged, your team gets a message about new commits to the main branch in the Broadcast channel, attached with a link to view differences. With Actioner’s GitLab Merge request management, your team’s branches always stay up-to-date.


Send message when MR is approved

This workflow automatically sends a message to the dedicated Slack channel when it is approved.

Comment on a merge request

Run this workflow to add a note (comment) on a GitLab merge request.

Approve merge request

Run this workflow to approve a merge request.

Send message when pipeline hook is received

This workflow automatically sends a message to the MR's dedicated channel when a pipeline hook is received. The hook status will be posted under a thread message.

Send message when MR is reopened

This workflow automatically sends a direct message to the MR owner if a merge request is reopened.

Create merge request channel

This workflow automatically creates a dedicated Slack channel when a merge request is opened.

Send message when MR is merged

This workflow automatically sends a message to the merge request Slack channel when it is merged

Notify MR assignee and reviewers

This workflow automatically sends a Slack message to the users when they are added as a reviewer to a merge request.

Add comment to merge request with pin emoji

This workflow is triggered when the pin emoji is put on a message in a dedicated merge request channel. The message content is automatically added to the merge request as a comment.

Merge a merge request

Run this workflow to merge a GitLab merge request.

Archive MR channel

This workflow archives the given Slack channel.

Onboard users who joined MR channel

When a user joins to MR updates channel, this workflow sends a direct message to the user from Slack. The message describes how to connect GitLab with Actioner and how to use the merge request review app.

Subscribe to GitLab events

This workflow creates a webhook on GitLab to subscribe to the merge request events from a selected project. If you want to subscribe events from multiple projects, you can re-run this workflow.

Notify channel when a commit is pushed to default branch

This workflow sends a message to the preselected main/master branch updates Slack channel when a new commit is pushed

Archive channel when MR is closed

When MR is closed or merged, this workflow sends a message that the channel will be archived and archives the Slack channel of the MR.

Send message when MR comment is added

This workflow automatically sends a message to the MR's dedicated Slack channel when someone posts a comment.

Delete branch

This workflow deletes GitLab branch

Set merge request update channel

This workflow creates a merge request channel on Slack with a given prefix. (#-gitlab-updates) Anyone who joins this channel will receive an onboarding message from Actioner to explain how to connect GitLab. Also, when a commit is pushed to the main branch, a message will be sent to this channel to notify your team.

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