Other use cases

Broadcast GitLab commits to main

Keep track of GitLab commits to the main branch without leaving Slack.

How it works:

Reserve dedicated Slack channels to output from GitLab. 

Whenever a merge request is committed into the default (main) branch, a message is automatically posted in the channel with a link to your repo allowing you to view differences in your codebase.

How to get started:

To begin with the PR review in Slack with GitLab,

  1. Sign up to Actioner.
  2. Install GitLab merge request management.
  3. Connect Slack and GitLab
  4. Run setup workflows. First select the repositories that you’ll get notified for the new merge requests and next create a GitLab updates channel to notify your team for commit events to default branch.

Once you set up the app, automatically, a broadcast channel will be created, and Actioner will start sending notifications to that channel when changes are committed to the default (main) branch in GitLab. 

Some other handy workflows

GitLab MR notifications in Slack

Automatically create ephemeral Slack channels dedicated to open GitLab merge requests.

GitLab MR management

Frequently asked questions

Can I use this app with a different git tool?

Actioner app directory contains PR management apps for GitHub and Bitbucket also. You can install GitHub pull request management or Bitbucket pull request management and get started right away.

Can I use this app for PRs in multiple projects?

Yes, you can. You can re-run Subscribe to GitLab PR events action. This action subscribes to events in the selected repository.

To run this action, call Actioner from shortcuts in Slack, or simply type '/actioner' and select the repo that you want to add.