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Step 3 - Create ticket with dynamic value

Learn how to create a new Zendesk ticket with a select input with dynamic sources.

Workflow that creates a ticket with a select input: Create ticket

The usage of select fields in manual workflows is explained in this step. The select source is configured with dynamic values to facilitate the process.


How it works

  • Creates a ticket in Zendesk with a select input with a dynamic source.


  • Zendesk connection


  • Subject: Type → text field, Mandatory → enabled
  • Requester: Type → single select field, Options → List of Zendesk users


  • Markdown (text)

How to configure this workflow

Continued from Step 1 - Create a simple ticket.

1. Add a new action

  1. Add a new input. requester.

  2. Select single select input type and update its label and ID.

  3. On OPTIONS section, select Dynamic source option.

  4. Select Integer in source type field since a Zendesk user ID is an integer value.

  5. On SOURCE MAPPING section, add a new source and select Zendesk integration from the opening list.

  6. On the opening panel, select List users action from the list of Zendesk actions.

  7. Select your connection.

  8. Enter source mapping options as below:

{{ =>}}{{ =>}}

2. Update your action (Create ticket from Zendesk integration)

  1. Find Create ticket action, go to ACTION INPUTS section and navigate to Requester field.

  2. Select Dynamic option from the gear icon right next to this field and enter {{input.requester}}. Inside double curlies {{ }} you can reference to your input values by typing input. and then the ID of your input. For a select input, {{input.requester}} is evaluated as the the identifier value of the selected option.

3. Save your workflow and test it.

  1. Click Apply at top right corner to save your workflow.

  2. You can run it in canvas mode or run it in Slack.

  3. To run your workflow in Slack, call Actioner from shortcuts and then select your workflow.

  4. Enter the subject and select requester and click Create ticket.