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Step 6 - New ticket notification with conditions

Learn how to send a notification to a Slack channel for new Zendesk tickets under specified conditions.

Workflow that sends a Slack notification when there is a new ticket

Discover how to enhance your workflows by adding logical conditions, enabling you to effectively create complex business processes.


How it works

  • When a new Zendesk ticket is created, sends a notification to the selected Slack channel if ticket contains incident tag.


  • Zendesk connection
  • Slack connection


  • Ticket created from Zendesk integration


  • Get ticket from Zendesk integration

  • Send message to channel from Slack integration

How to configure this workflow

Continued from Step 5 - Detailed new ticket notification.

1. Add a new condition

  1. Add a new node after Get ticket action from Zendesk integration. Select Operators option and then select Condition from the opening list.

  2. Select All conditions below option and add a new rule.

  3. Enter nodes.action1.response.body.ticket.tags in filter field, select contains option and then enter incident in value field. This will check if the ticket's tags contain incident and will execute the true branch if this condition is satisfied.

2. Select your action (Send message to channel from Slack integration)

  1. Go to true branch of your condition and add a new node. Select Actions option and then select Slack from the opening list.

  2. Select Send message to channel action in action selection field.

  3. Select your Slack workspace in Connection field.

  4. On ACTION INPUTS section, select your Slack channel.

  5. On Message blocks section, add a new Markdown block.

  6. Add your text in the opening Markdown block field.

3. Save your workflow and test it.

  1. Click Apply at top right corner to save your workflow.

  2. To test it, create a new ticket in Zendesk that contains incident tag and check your Slack channel for the notification.