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Statuspage connection

Learn how to connect with Statuspage.

Actioner connects with Statuspage through API key.

API key authentication with Statuspage

To authenticate with Statuspage API via an API Token

  1. Go to your Statuspage instance and click your avatar in the bottom left. Then, select API info from the menu that appears.

  2. Click Create key and enter a descriptive name. Next, copy the API key.

  3. In Actioner, Click Connect near the Statuspage connection. You can find the connection on Home tab of your app.

  4. Enter the copied API key to API token field.


If your Statuspage instance URL or credentials change, you can reconnect Actioner with Statuspage.

Go to Profile settings page from left bottom corner, navigate to My connections tab and then click ... ellipsis and select Reconnect. Enter your credentials and complete authorization on the opening screen.