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Slack connection

Learn how to connect to your Slack workspace.

In order to execute workflows with Slack actions and trigger workflows based on Slack events, you must establish a connection between your Slack workspace and Actioner.

Your Slack connection serves as a crucial link for implementing Slack actions and triggers when creating your workflows.

Establishing Slack connection

To connect your Slack workspace with Actioner, follow these steps:

Step 1. Navigate to Workspace settings page from the left menu, and then access the Slack workspace tab.


The permission to add a Slack connection is granted to Actioner workspace admins. If you don't have access to the Workspace settings page, please contact your workspace admin.

Step 2. If you haven't connected any Slack workspace previously, click the Add new Slack workspace button.

Add new Slack workspace

Step 3. Click Allow to grant Actioner the permission to integrate with your Slack workspace. Note that you can switch to another Slack workspace from the top-right corner of the screen during this process.

Allow Actioner

Step 4. Once Slack connection is successful, your Slack workspace will be listed on Slack workspace page.

Connected Slack workspace

Step 5. You'll receive a direct message from Actioner in Slack.


If multiple Actioner workspaces are connected to the same Slack workspace, you may be prompted to choose your Actioner workspace when using the /actioner command in Slack.

To bypass this selection step, navigate to the Home tab of Actioner app in Slack and click Set default workspace in the Settings section.

By designating a default workspace, you'll only access workflows from that specific workspace within Slack. If you prefer to choose your Actioner workspace each time you manually execute a workflow in Slack, select the Always ask me option instead.

Set a default workspace in Slack

User mapping for Slack

If you signed up for Actioner via Slack or if you connected a Slack workspace using the same email address as your Actioner registration, user mapping is automatically handled, and no additional settings are required.

However, if you are registered on Actioner and Slack with different email addresses, you will need to perform user mapping to link your Actioner user with your Slack user.

Here's how to do it:

Step 1. In Slack, navigate to Apps from the left menu and locate Actioner.

Step 2. On the Home tab of the Actioner app, click Map my user.

User mapping in Slack

Step 3. Select your Actioner workspace and enter the email address you used for your Actioner registration.

With these steps, you'll establish a seamless connection between your Slack workspace and Actioner, ensuring the smooth execution of your workflows and actions.

User mapping for Slack

When you click on your profile photo in the left bottom corner to navigate to Settings page and then switch to My workspaces tab, you can also see if your Actioner user is mapped with your Slack user.

If there is no mapping, you can use Map my user button to initiate mapping.

User mapping for Slack