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Bitbucket connection

Learn how to connect with Bitbucket.

Actioner connects with Bitbucket through OAuth2.

OAuth2 authentication with Bitbucket

To authenticate in Bitbucket with OAuth2

  1. Click Connect near the Bitbucket connection. You can find the connection on Description tab of your app.
  1. You will be asked to sign in to your Bitbucket account if you haven't already.

  2. Click Authorize Actioner to grant permission to Actioner app in your Bitbucket account. You’ll be redirected to Actioner upon successful authorization.

Sharing scope

You can enable Shared option to execute Bitbucket actions by the selected app's workflows. It's important to clarify that sharing your connection doesn't equate to sharing your credentials. Instead, it grants access to workflows to use your connection for execution. Rest assured, your credentials remain concealed and inaccessible to other users.

Additionally, enabling Shared option doesn't automatically start using your connection for every Bitbucket interaction. Instead, your shared connection credentials are used only when explicitly chosen. However, note that that enabling Shared option makes your connection accessible to all app admins when designing workflows in your app.


If your Bitbucket credentials change, you can reconnect Actioner with Bitbucket.

Go to Profile settings page from left bottom corner, navigate to My connections tab and then click ... ellipsis and select Reconnect. Enter your credentials and complete authorization on the opening screen.