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Opsgenie connection

Learn how to connect your Opsgenie account.

To execute workflows with Opsgenie actions and to initiate workflows starting with an Opsgenie event, you need to connect your Opsgenie account with Actioner.

When designing your own workflows, you can use your Opsgenie connection for Opsgenie actions and triggers.

To see your Opsgenie connections, go to your profile and navigate to My connections tab.

Connecting Opsgenie

Actioner connects with Opsgenie through API key.

API key authentication with Opsgenie

To authenticate with Opsgenie API via an API Token

  1. In Opsgenie, add a new API integration and copy its API key.

  2. In Actioner, Click Connect near the Opsgenie connection. You can find the connection on Home tab of your app.

  1. Enter the copied API key to API key field.

Opsgenie accounts in EU instance

By default, Opsgenie connection's base URL is If your Opsgenie account is registered in EU region, you can update the base URL to send requests to instead.

For this, find Opsgenie connection on App settings tab of your app and click on it. Scroll down to Base URL field and update it as Next, save your changes.


If your credentials change, you can reconnect Actioner with Opsgenie.

Go to Profile settings page from left bottom corner, navigate to My connections tab and then click ... ellipsis and select Reconnect. Enter your credentials and complete authorization on the opening screen.